A cuppa Joe, a cup of dirt, a cup of mud or just a cuppa. So many names for something that many people do; drinking coffee. Black, with milk, a cappuccino or a double espresso. There are so many variations. Something for everyone. Time to sum up some nice places in Wassenaar where you can drink a good cup of coffee.

Zebedeus@Just café

At Zebedeus@Just café you can drink delicious coffee that is also served nicely. I opted for the espresso macchiato and was pleasantly surprised. You even get a glass of water (unasked). It did not only taste good, I also wanted to take the cup and plate on which it was served home with me! A smart concept. Zebedeus is in fact part of the shop of Just Haasnoot. Here they sell beautiful design furniture and accessories. You can also find the chairs you are sitting on at Zebedeus in the store. Just like the cups.

The Perfect Taste

The perfect tasteIn the center right next to library you can find The Perfect Taste. This is a store that sells gift items such as candles, cups and drinking bottles. But you can you can also drink coffee and tea here. A nice combination! There are a number of seats, right next to the window so you can watch the people shopping. And in the summer there is an outside terrace.

Luciano’s IJssalon

One place that I can not skip is Luciano’s. This well-known ice cream shop is of course known for its delicious ice creams. There is regularly a lone cue all the way to the corner of the street. But did you know that you can also drink coffee here? A nice detail is that you get a mini ice cream served with your coffee. In a special standard it hangs on the side of your coffee cup. Definitely worth a try!

Having coffee at Luciano's

Da Martina

This is definitely the smallest shop in the village: Da Martina. If you do not pay attention you’ll walk past it, because it’s not much more than a front door. But you should definitely visit this cute little shop. At Da Martina they sell ice cream and coffee. On the wall in the store you can read which coffee specialties are available. Because the store is too small to drink coffee extensively (there is one table though), you can always take it to go. Very useful if you want a coffee shot while shopping.

Brasserie Buitenhuis

The last tip is Brasserie Buitenhuis at the Valkenburgse Meer right between Katwijk, Leiden and Wassenaar. Here you can also order various coffee variations such as cappuccino, latte’s and espresso’s. In the summer it is wonderful to drink coffee outside on the beautiful terrace. With the view of the setting sun on the lake, it’s a beautiful ending of your day. But in the winter it’s warm and cosy inside, so you can snuggle up in front of the fireplace and enjoy your coffee.

What is your favorite coffee spot?

Coffee at Zebedeus@Just Haasnoot