If you want to see Wassenaar from an other side, you have to go on the water. You imagine yourself in a different world, where there is even more peace than on the streets.

Canoeing in WassenaarExcept with a boat, you can also explore the waterways by canoe. Because the pace is quiet, you have plenty of time to enjoy all the natural beauty around you. And the big advantage is that you do not have a roaring engine that disturbs the peace and makes the animals swim away.

You can hear the birds whistling and you see a lot of them concentrated brooding on their nest. If you are lucky, you see sheep and cows grazing in the grass close to the shore. Curiously they look at you when you pass by. The funny thing is that you now also see the hidden back gardens of the houses. The one better maintained than the other.

Picnicking in park De Paauw

A nice (beginners) route is that of the rental point in the direction of the De Paauw town hall. You pass through a beautiful green area where many ducks and geese live. Take a filled picnic basket and spread your mat in the park. If everything is finished, it’s still sailing back half an hour.

Picnicking at the Paauw

Lunch at Brasserie Buitenhuis

Another beautiful sailing route is from the village to Valkenburgse Meer. This is a journey of about one and a half hours and of course another hour and a half back. This beautiful recreational lake is well attended at the slightest ray of sunshine. You can swim and there is also a possibility for surfing. An extra reason to go here is Brasserie Buitenhuis. A good lunch or a cold glass of beer on the terrace is always nice there. Or you can have some good coffee there.

Paddle to Leiden

Did you know that you can sail all the way to Leiden from Wassenaar? This is only for the experienced paddler, because you have to paddle for at least two hours. And then you have to go back. Don’t be fooled, you’ll feel your arm muscles from the dabbling through the water! There are plenty of mooring possibilities in the city, so that you can continue on foot. There you can enjoy a nice drink and something to eat, which is well deserved.

You can also see where-ever the canoe brings you and just paddle. Be surprised by what you encounter and where the extensive water network takes you.

Have you also become enthusiastic and are you going to try it yourself?

Where can you rent a canoe?

Kanoverhuur Haven 4 in WassenaarAt Canoe rental Haven 4 you can rent a canoe in Wassenaar. Owner of the canoe rental is Hanneke. That Hanneke loves nature is clear. She does not stop talking about the beautiful routes that exist in and around Wassenaar. There is a choice between a canoe for one person, two people or even three people. The advantage of a double canoe is that you sail faster. Provided you are well attuned to each other so you will not get in trouble with each other’s paddles. There is also the possibility to sail with a guided tour. Hanneke keeps the prices low, because she wants to encourage everyone to go outside, be active and to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Wassenaar.